Friday, January 4, 2013


"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win."
– Mahatma Gandhi

A true winner is someone who is totally different in achieving his desires. He can do the things beyond expectations, beyond imaginations that most of the people startle at his successes. Why is he different? He sets the high level of success in his mind. He always carries a high & true potential of his mindset.
He never feels lazy or uneasy. He has already developed a winning mindset. He will never give up!
Some people have already said that a true potential of a person has slept deep inside his mind. I urge you to believe this! You can reset your mindsets. You shouldn't be as same the ordinary people. Pull out of your comfort zone and start to do some important works that have a greater value in your life. Commit 100% responsibility and always develop a winning mindset. You should always be the best! Then only you can do great or whatever you want in your life.

And also you should do something great that nobody can do! For example, you work on a very large project that that most people never thought possible. You should be able to take up large responsibilities with your winning mindsets. Let me ask you one question. If you feel difficult in doing your works, how many times you are going to feel difficult?

Finally, think great thoughts and take great actions. Your actions will determine the results of your thoughts. So don’t wait for luck like the ordinary people. They will not understand the way of your thinking. If you are going to take great action towards your big goals, they will directly underestimate your capabilities. They might even laugh at you! So don’t compare yourself with the ordinary people. But I don’t mean you to hate them. After all, they are all human beings. Be kind and tender to all the sentient beings. They all have the ability to stand on their greatness if they are actually good enough to develop the high winning mindsets.
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